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Love to slide up behind you and play a slippery massage game.

I wish I was in that shower with you washing your back.And other significant places. But I doubt that we could wash that 'dirty' feeling away no matter how hard I scrubbed. And I suspect that my 'scrubbing' would just make that dirty feeling grow even more intense. Mmmmm. I bet you like it when a big, strong man slides up behind you, wraps his arms around your tiny waist and kisses you hard all over, huh? Love to get you mych dirtier. Your arse red and tender with a spank, your nipples sore from being sucked and dripping my cum from everywhere.šŸ˜† Wish I was there to get you all dirty again just so I could shower you after. So beautiful my love! And many thanks for be my friend! A kiss!